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Open Letter About My Advocacy of Marijuana Legalization

Dearest Rick,

I am writing you this open letter because you recently made a comment on a Facebook post I recently made about cannabis’ ability to fight and sometimes cure cancer.  I can understand your curiosity towards my interest in and position on this sensitive issue, and because I have been asked about my stance on and activism for the legalization of marijuana by others in the past, I felt I could address all of these questions and concerns in an open letter posted to my blog so that you and others could comment. Read More…


Why Marijuana Should Be Legalized

A couple of nights ago I received the following question from a fellow Christian on Twitter: “@Derek_Brent do you believe that we should smoke marijuana as Christians? Doesn’t the bible say to be alert?” While I won’t directly address that issue in this post, it did inspire me to write this blog post about why I believe marijuana should be legalized.  I will, in the future, address various issues regarding my stance on the use of marijuana as a Christian, but for now, I will simply stick to this topic. Read More…