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Follow-up to Criticism of my Support of Homosexual Civil Unions

Recently I wrote a blog post entitled: Why I support Homosexual Civil Unions as a Christian (  I received the following comment on Facebook, and instead of writing a really long comment back, I decided to make it a follow up post to address the issues brought up

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Why I Support Homosexual Civil Unions as a Christian

One of my dear friends recently took a stand as a Christian who is in support of gay rights.  Wanting to join in on the discussion myself, I thought I might throw in my two cents, but as is usually the case with me, what started off as a simple comment ended up turning into a blog-post length essay on my thoughts on the Christian and Gay rights.

I support my friend on the idea that homosexuals should be afforded the same legal right to have a civil union (and the legal benefits afforded thereof) as heterosexuals do to the institution of marriage.  I feel that legally, homosexuals should have the same right to all of the civil (key word here being civil) benefits of a traditional marriage, such as tax cuts, estate planning benefits (such as sharing in an inheritance of your spouses estate), government benefits (such as receiving social security benefits, medicare benefits, disability benefits, etc.), employment benefits (Obtaining insurance benefits through a spouse’s employer, taking family leave to care for your spouse during an illness etc.), medical benefits, death benefits, family benefits, consumer benefits, and other legal benefits that heterosexual married couples enjoy. Read More…