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Freedom and Choice

I find it amusing how often we ask God for the bit and bridle. We Americans pride ourselves on our freedom, and hold it in such high esteem, yet how often do we feel lost, crying out to God to just show us the way; to just tell us what to do? How often have we asked God to give us the answer, or worse yet, simply asked Him to take care of a situation/problem/sin/annoyance for us? We want God to do it for us rather than show or teach us what to do. This is what I mean when I say that we want the bit and bridle. We want God to control us and/or take over, rather than have to go through the trouble of learning our lesson and growing from it.

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It is currently 1:40 a.m. on December 27th, and I am making my first post in almost a month.  I have realized that writing blog in the  manner that I do takes some serious time and thought.  I was hoping to blog on a more regular basis, but it is hard to always find the time to think through the topics then sit down and write out my thoughts and review them for errors.  Part of my problem is that I write these large posts on difficult topics, topics which are dear to me, and I put several hours into each one.  This takes time, and sometimes time just slips away from me.  I really do hope to keep posting and commenting on a regular basis, but life gets busy, and so time will pass without posts, but please be patient, and I will try to keep this blog fresh.
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