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When dark is the mood and damned is the man.

When dark is the mood and damned is the man, the night is full of terror.  Woe to him who knows Him not, for even some who have prophesied in His name will not be known on the day when all is done.  Shutter at the thought and be wise, for when dark is the mood and damned is the man who is not Known, time will be at its end, and eternity before us.

I shutter at the thought of things for which I once wept, and shall once again weep with Him who watered wailing weary widows with tears for the world that turned away.

Praise Him who helps us home.  Praise Him who shows us the way.  Praise Him who rose that day.  Praise God that Yeshua Messiah, Jesus who is called Christ, came, showed us how to be, and died at the hands who one day exalted him, and the next executed him.  We all damned him that day, when the mood was dark, and damned was the day that the One died.  But  blessed be that day when He who died Rose.   And in so doing redeemed us all.  And in so doing unleashed a power that we can grasp if we follow the One who showed us the way when dark was the mood and damned was man.

Even when the dark is all around, and all you see is terror, pain, suffering, unfairness, coldness, harshness, remember the light that shows us that way of Love that so paradoxically works in ways we cannot possibly fully weigh, that in giving we shall receive, and in clinging we lose all.  The first shall be last and the last first. the humble will be exalted. Everything is not as it seems.  You have to look beyond the obvious, beyond the observable, and see the Way the One showed us.  His way is the way of pain, rejection, loss.  But it is also the way of Life eternal, Zoe life.  Are you better than your master? Is the work done and the Word spread that we should sit here comfortably?

WAKE UP! We all need to reexamine what is important in life and see that we work towards that, whatever it may be.  Put another way, the things you work towards are the things that are important to you.  If that is a nice tv, a comfy home, a nice ride, etc., then go for it, but know that these thing are not the way of the One.  He said sell your things and give to the poor, not accumulate stuff and live comfortably.  The harvest is great but the workers are few.

WAKE UP!! That includes you mister maestro of the mouth,  you whacky word wizard, slinging sentences together thinking you’re clever, you need to wake up, because you are writing this for a reason.  You have lost your way, and you need to wake up.  Time is not your friend, my friend. It is on the rails revving ahead, and you are no longer a wistful kid wiling away the days till you hit adulthood.  you can’t simply slip through life on what little intelligence you have left.  You are putting this out there for a reason.  A wake-up call to yourself.  Time to start rolling with Christ and stop fighting against your chains, and start surrendering them to Him, so that he can untangle you and set you free like a cat with too much yarn, all tangled up and fussing against the One who only wants to set you free.  Stop scratching at His hand cause He wants to take away your favorite toys, and start following Him who showed us the way to true Love, who gives us joy, peace patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.  Notice that happiness is not on that list.  This is because we aren’t promised we would be happy, we are promised we will reap what we sow, and that even when we sow so many seeds, we must persevere through all the muck of the world, and wade through the weave of weeds  in order to have any kind of harvest. It is a marathon, not a sprint.  If we keep quitting when things get hard, or if we settle for mediocrity in life, for a comfy job, and a roof over our heads, we will ultimately amount to nothing.  Blips of nothingness, living comfortably numb, thinking we are saved when he will say “I never knew you, depart from me you who do evil.”