Archive | November 2013

Insights from Providence

Being periodically presented with the privilege of perusing Providence is a quite fantastic thing.  Sometimes, this vision into the aftereffects of the Spirit working in our lives is of something so seemingly insignificant that others cannot conceive of the importance being granted such a vision is.  Sometimes, I think this is intended not only to humble us who wish to share such visions with others (and in so doing puff up with pride at what God has granted us), but also to show us the specialness of such a vision.  These special glimpses into the way God uses us when we let Him lead are sometimes meant to reinforce the intimacy in the relationship we build with God, and through the Spirit’s workings and visions we can see the joy that comes from letting the Spirit lead and inform our decisions.

If we work every day at building and reinforcing that most intimate of all relationships with God, we will one day be granted a vision of all the wonderful ways the Spirit used us unknowingly, and we will hopefully have cause for much rejoicing.  Remember also, however, that we will also see and stand accountable for every unjust and evil action we have ever committed.  Woe to us who have horrid pasts.  Woe to us who wreaked wretched and reckless wrath.  We must all stand accountable before the throne of God, and it is my wish that one day, despite all the damaging and devastating destruction I have done, I will be able to hear those words I so desperately want to hear uttered from the lips of my Savior, “Well done, my good and faithful servant.”  I haven’t had it anywhere near as bad as Paul or Jesus had it, but I am fully and utterly prepared to endure every kind of torture and pain for Christ, whatever form it will take.  Jesus suffered and died so that we can live, and “no servant is greater than his master.”  I know full well that the Gospel is free to receive, but we must remember that it will cost us everything we have.

I pray that I may suffer as much as is necessary (and as little as is possible) to accomplish all Christ means to through me, for the good of others in the Kingdom that is Here and Now, and for the good of all in the Kingdom that is Not Yet.  I pray the same for all of those who truly wish to serve the King of Kings and help unite the Kingdoms of Here and Now, and Not Yet into that place we will one day call Home.