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Examining Eisegesis Non-Academically

Regardless of whether we think we have the whole picture or not, whether we think we have everything (or even just something) figured out or not, and no matter how humble our perspectives are, we all live out our beliefs.  When it comes to specific practical matters, about how the world is, how it functions, our role in that world, our principles and morals, and the plethora of other practical issues we face on a daily basis, we all must live out those convictions, beliefs, perspectives.  There is no uncertainty when it comes to the objective way we interact with the world, and regardless of what we claim, our actions do speak louder than our words.
This means that we all, to greater and lessor degrees, think we have a correct perspective on the way things really are, even if we remain agnostic about some particular issues.  We all live our lives as though certain things are true.  Therefore, even if we know we don’t know something for certain, we still live our lives, conduct our business, speak our words, and perform our actions, dwell in thought, and even react to the world, according to those beliefs, perspectives, ideas and opinions about the way things really are.

Pain is a gift from God

Pain is a beautiful Gift from God.

If you do not understand this statement, then I offer this post as a gift to those who wish to understand more about pain through the insights God has granted me on this topic.  I am not perfect, nor do I know everything. I simply wish to share this insight so that others may benefit from what I have learned.  Knowledge greedily guarded helps no one.  I feel part of my calling as a Christian is to #SpeakTruth and #SpreadLove, and so I try to do that by sharing the knowledge God has granted me, and trying to live by it myself.  As I said, I am not perfect, and I don’t always practice what I preach, but a flaw in me does nothing to negate the truthfulness of the statements (where there is truth, I may have some of this wrong!). Just because it is spoken by an imperfect man does not taint the truth of the message.  Let him and/or her who has ears hear, and may the Holy Spirit guide those who choose to read this, that they may learn and grow from these insights I share.

Pain was created by God, and he has graciously given it to us as a gift. As with all gifts, it is either given or received. As such, there is both a right way and a wrong way to give it as well as a right way and a wrong way to receive it.

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Follow-up to Criticism of my Support of Homosexual Civil Unions

Recently I wrote a blog post entitled: Why I support Homosexual Civil Unions as a Christian (  I received the following comment on Facebook, and instead of writing a really long comment back, I decided to make it a follow up post to address the issues brought up

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Why I Support Homosexual Civil Unions as a Christian

One of my dear friends recently took a stand as a Christian who is in support of gay rights.  Wanting to join in on the discussion myself, I thought I might throw in my two cents, but as is usually the case with me, what started off as a simple comment ended up turning into a blog-post length essay on my thoughts on the Christian and Gay rights.

I support my friend on the idea that homosexuals should be afforded the same legal right to have a civil union (and the legal benefits afforded thereof) as heterosexuals do to the institution of marriage.  I feel that legally, homosexuals should have the same right to all of the civil (key word here being civil) benefits of a traditional marriage, such as tax cuts, estate planning benefits (such as sharing in an inheritance of your spouses estate), government benefits (such as receiving social security benefits, medicare benefits, disability benefits, etc.), employment benefits (Obtaining insurance benefits through a spouse’s employer, taking family leave to care for your spouse during an illness etc.), medical benefits, death benefits, family benefits, consumer benefits, and other legal benefits that heterosexual married couples enjoy. Read More…

Peter Kreeft on Atheists’ use of the Genetic Fallacy

In an excerpt from his book Socratic Logic, Peter Kreeft explains how people commit the Genetic Fallacy in regards to a person’s psychological reasons for believing in the existence of God, and why using a form of the Genetic Fallacy does not refute the existence of God, or any other belief for that matter. (By the way, the Genetic Fallacy is thinking you have refuted a belief or argument because you have explained the origin of that belief or argument). The excerpt (with my interjections in [ ] brackets) is as follows: Read More…

There’s no Such Thing as a Good Guy or a Bad Guy

There are no such things as good guys and bad guys. There are only people, all of whom were made by God, all of whom He loves and cherishes dearly. We are simply human beings, broken, fallen, sinful men and women living in a world that doesn’t always make sense to us. We are all imperfect, and we all experience things that hurt us, that don’t make sense and that cause us (sometimes unnecessary) pain and suffering. It is what we do in response to this world and the things in it that causes us to be labeled either as good or bad, but the truth is, each one of us has the capacity to do great good and/or great evil. Read More…

My Reply to “Defending God?”: Thoughts on Apologetics and Evangelism

I just read an article by Ryan Fouts entitled “Defending God?”   This blog post is a collection of my thoughts in reply to that article, which can be found at his blog:

I think this article has some good points, namely that God doesn’t need defending, and  that you can have all the sound arguments you want and all the answers to their refutations of your arguments ready, but at the end of the day, there will always be people who remain unconvinced and refuse to “see the light” or acknowledge the truths of your point.  This I think is not a matter however, of us living in a country where Logic is not king (though I agree that our country is a unique blend of modern and post-modern thinking with a splash of Eastern thinking increasingly making its way in), but is rather a matter of the way in which we form and hold to our beliefs. Read More…