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We are not called to win souls to Christ

I received a comment on another blog post of mine with the following comment: “Our soul [sic] purpose is to spread the Gospel and win souls to Christ.”

Instead of writing a ridiculously long reply-comment (that is off topic to the point the commenter was making) to this one sentence, I decided instead to make this a blog post instead in order to 1) address this sentence and why I disagreed with it, and 2) This is a topic I think many people haven’t thought through, and I wanted to share my thoughts and get people’s feedback on it. Read More…


Peter Kreeft on Atheists’ use of the Genetic Fallacy

In an excerpt from his book Socratic Logic, Peter Kreeft explains how people commit the Genetic Fallacy in regards to a person’s psychological reasons for believing in the existence of God, and why using a form of the Genetic Fallacy does not refute the existence of God, or any other belief for that matter. (By the way, the Genetic Fallacy is thinking you have refuted a belief or argument because you have explained the origin of that belief or argument). The excerpt (with my interjections in [ ] brackets) is as follows: Read More…