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Other Justifications for a Rational Belief in God

Evidence is only one way of justifying a belief in a god or gods.  I can think of at least two other things that would rationally justify a belief in the existence of a god or gods:  Personal experience with such a being, and the personal testimony/witness from a reliable source.

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Evidence, & Rational Belief in God

I believe that evidence is a good ground for why a person can rationally believe in the existence of a god. Note that when I say evidence, I am not saying that it must be a proof. Many times, when an Atheist asks me for the evidence for the existence of God, what they are asking me for is not in fact evidence, but rather, what they are demanding is that I show them proof that God exists. I do not claim to have a proof of God’s existence, in the sense that it would be impossible to refute. I claim to have evidence for the existence of God, which another person may or may not contend and try to explain the evidence away through some other means.

If there is sufficient evidence pointing to the existence of a god, then it is rational for a person to believe in that god, even if that particular god doesn’t happen to exist. (more on the second half of this claim later) This may seem counter-intuitive, but stay with me for a moment.

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On Animal Suffering

I have been seeing posts on Facebook going up lately about various acts of animal cruelty, and while I am completely against being cruel to animals, animals do not experience pain in the same way that we humans do. I again want to stress, that I am not in support of animal Cruelty at all. I think that animal cruelty is a horrible, terrible sin, that is depraved and wrong. I don’t support people who are abusive towards pets and/or any other animal, and I am against people who inflict unnecessary amounts of pain to animals. That being said, Animals are not aware that they are in pain.

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