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God, Suffering, and Freewill

I just wanted to put my two cents in on the question of why God allows suffering and doesn’t stop us from harming ourselves and others. Some have questioned and said that they couldn’t understand why God would allow a child to get raped, or why He would allow innocent people to suffer in various ways when He could do something to intervene. Read More…


On Animal Suffering

I have been seeing posts on Facebook going up lately about various acts of animal cruelty, and while I am completely against being cruel to animals, animals do not experience pain in the same way that we humans do. I again want to stress, that I am not in support of animal Cruelty at all. I think that animal cruelty is a horrible, terrible sin, that is depraved and wrong. I don’t support people who are abusive towards pets and/or any other animal, and I am against people who inflict unnecessary amounts of pain to animals. That being said, Animals are not aware that they are in pain.

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Should We Follow the Law?

I was reading the book of Titus today, and it brought up some interesting questions about obedience.  It says that we are to be subject to rulers and authorities to do whatever is good, and to be obedient (Titus 3:1).  The problem is, none of us seems to do that with perfection, and it doesn’t bother most of us when we break certain laws.

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