Pain is a gift from God

Pain is a beautiful Gift from God.

If you do not understand this statement, then I offer this post as a gift to those who wish to understand more about pain through the insights God has granted me on this topic.  I am not perfect, nor do I know everything. I simply wish to share this insight so that others may benefit from what I have learned.  Knowledge greedily guarded helps no one.  I feel part of my calling as a Christian is to #SpeakTruth and #SpreadLove, and so I try to do that by sharing the knowledge God has granted me, and trying to live by it myself.  As I said, I am not perfect, and I don’t always practice what I preach, but a flaw in me does nothing to negate the truthfulness of the statements (where there is truth, I may have some of this wrong!). Just because it is spoken by an imperfect man does not taint the truth of the message.  Let him and/or her who has ears hear, and may the Holy Spirit guide those who choose to read this, that they may learn and grow from these insights I share.

Pain was created by God, and he has graciously given it to us as a gift. As with all gifts, it is either given or received. As such, there is both a right way and a wrong way to give it as well as a right way and a wrong way to receive it.

When we give pain in love, such as lovingly disciplining our children through a spanking, we are using it correctly, and it will help the person grow in understanding and maturity.  If we give our children such punishment out of anger, rather than love, then you are using pain wrongly, and there will be terrible consequences to that child’s development, and thus the development of future generations.  Please also note that when I speak of this disciplining out of anger, I don’t just mean spanking your kids when you are mad and in the heat of the moment.  Any form of punishment or discipline when done out of anger, from the words and tone we use to the actual punishment itself, whether it is time out, a spanking, chores, grounding, etc., is the wrong way to give pain, and it will not help them grow.

No matter what the punishment is, if we discipline our kids out of anger, we are doing it wrong, and it will hurt our child’s development rather than help them grow in understanding and maturity.

Pain, especially through discipline but in many other instances as well, is meant to teach us as well as warn us.  We must learn to accept this wonderful gift from God, even when it is given to us wrongly by others, or simply by the happenstances of life.  Bad things happen sometimes, and we don’t always deserve the pain we get.  We may not understand why we receive the pain we do, but that doesn’t mean we can’t learn from it and grow.

Too often we see pain as only a bad thing, to be gotten rid of as soon as possible, and God did indeed make us in such a way as to desire pain’s alleviation as soon as possible, but that doesn’t mean we should gloss over what pain is trying telling us.  Pain, in whatever form it takes, tells us that something is wrong. God designed and created pain in this way so that it could be a learning tool.  It is meant to first warn us that something is wrong, and in so doing can usually point us to what is wrong, and from there we can learn about and change what was wrong and avoid further pain.

If we simply seek to alleviate the pain, and ignore what is causing it, then we are fools and will inevitably suffer the same pain again, because we are taking care of the symptoms, not the actual problem.  If, however we seek not only to eliminate the pain, but to also understand it’s origin, and why we are experiencing it, we are wise and will learn from the pain, as God intended us to do.


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