There’s no Such Thing as a Good Guy or a Bad Guy

There are no such things as good guys and bad guys. There are only people, all of whom were made by God, all of whom He loves and cherishes dearly. We are simply human beings, broken, fallen, sinful men and women living in a world that doesn’t always make sense to us. We are all imperfect, and we all experience things that hurt us, that don’t make sense and that cause us (sometimes unnecessary) pain and suffering. It is what we do in response to this world and the things in it that causes us to be labeled either as good or bad, but the truth is, each one of us has the capacity to do great good and/or great evil.

We need to recognize that there is a God who is in control, and who takes the broken things in this world (like you and me) and uses them to create His masterpiece, like an artist taking broken shards of shattered glass to make a beautiful mosaic. If we recognize this truth, and surrender our lives to this Creator who cares for us so much that He sent Jesus to die in order to make us holy so we can have a relationship with him, we can learn to trust the Artist to place us where He needs us to be. We must realize that this means He will sometimes break us down even further in order to shape us to fit just where He needs us to be in his universal mosaic. We can learn how we ought to respond to such suffering in order to be made holy rather than hurt.

If we focus solely on ourselves, we have the capacity (and tendency) to become bitter, cynical and overly skeptical of every good thing in this world because all we see is the shattered glass of broken lives from all the sickness, all the wickedness and all the injustice that permeates this world. But, if we focus on God and what He is meaning to accomplish, and we become one with him as Jesus and He were one (John 17), we will see how He is taking this broken glass and creating a beautiful mosaic too grand and too far-reaching for our finite minds to fully grasp. We will see (to a degree) what God is doing in our lives and what He means to accomplish through our relationship with Him.

We must therefore not judge each other because of how broken our lives appear to each other, because we are not the Artist, and cannot see what He is accomplishing through the broken glass of another’s life. We must simply trust that He is accomplishing His will, and pray that He will use their brokenness to bring them closer to Him, and that his will be done through it.

We should all be working towards being united with God so that He can give us the proper perspective in any given situation and so we can know what we ought to do, even when we don’t understand why a particular thing is happening to us.

Being a good guy isn’t about doing good things all the time; it is about having the right understanding of God’s world, our place in it, and the proper understanding of what God wants from us so we can react according to God’s will in any given situation, and be proactive about accomplishing God’s redemptive work in this world right here, right now.

Being a bad guy isn’t about being evil; it is about having the wrong perspective of the world and it’s purpose (or seeming lack of one), our place in it, and how it can be beneficial to us. It comes from life focused on self, what we can and should do, and on accomplishing our own purposes for our own ends, benefits, comforts, and pleasures. There are many “good people” who would not be seen by the world as bad guys, but who are not focused on God’s will and God’s purpose for their lives and this world. They could be the most selfless person in the world, but if they are not living a life in communion with their creator, all they accomplish will ultimately be done in vain. It is only the work of God, the Artist and Creator of this world, whose purposes will last.

If we are not living in communion and close fellowship with God, what we are doing will not be focused on God, and it will be in vain. However, do not judge another master’s servant for what they do or do not do. Do not dismiss what a fellow believer does, nor the work they (are working to) accomplish simply because you don’t see the value in it, or think it is a “worldly” pursuit, or if you think they are no living in communion with God, because they are answerable to God alone, and not to you, and we with our finite minds cannot always understand what god is accomplishing through another of His servants. Even if you don’t think they are within God’s will, or think they should be working towards some other, nobler, “more important” work, rather than that towards which they are working, do not pass judgment on them, and instead pray for them, asking God to accomplish His will (not ours) through their lives, and ask that he will draw us closer to Himself and to teach them (and ourselves) through their (and our) mistakes.

Remember to love the LORD your God with all your heart, with all your mind, with all your soul, and with all your strength, to love your neighbor as yourself, and remember to make sure that whoever you are and whatever you dod, that you are doing it all for the glory of God.


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