Christianity & Science

It has been too long since the last time I blogged.

So, I have registered for classes next semester, I am super excited, because I got into a class called “Christianity & Science.”  I can’t wait for this class to begin!  I was never big into science as a high school student, mainly because doing science for its own sake didn’t excite me, and I didn’t really care for it for the many years I spent partying and living for myself after.  It wasn’t until I surrendered my life to Christ that I became interested in it, and even then not right away.  I still don’t enjoy doing science myself, but I am really interested in what science and scientists are discovering, what they are saying, and how this can (and whether it should) inform our worldviews.  I notice that there are many things that are held as scientific truths, that are not, and other things that are faith (not fact) based claims.  I started becoming interested and passionate about science and what it says because of my passion for Christ, and my passion for Christian apologetics.

It was this passion that showed me that the battlefield of apologetics must sometimes (if not more often than not) take place on enemy territory so to speak.  This battlefield (at least in part) is in the realm of science.  If you want to discuss God with an atheist, you cannot appeal to the Bible for knowledge, since it is a book they are going to dismiss right away.  Instead, you must bring the arguments to their turf, the scientific realm, and show them that God is the God of the entire Universe, not just some silly religion.  If what I believe is true, and God is who He says He is, then I have nothing to fear in this respect.  I can trust that what science says will not be in conflict with what Christ and his holy word says.  Notice I didn’t say science won’t ever contradict what I personally say about what the Bible says about science, because I am a flawed human being who can be (and often is) wrong on things.  If I am wrong, I need to adjust my thinking and find out where I went wrong in my thinking, and how I got to the wrong conclusion,  but I do believe that God is never wrong.  I also believe science will, if looked at objectively, support the idea that there is fine-tuning in the universe, and I trust that God is behind the fine-tuning of the universe, and that God can explain why there is anything rather than nothing at all.  I realize this last point, the question of why is there anything rather than nothing, is more of a philosophical point, however, science can support the improbability of any life at all, not to mention the improbability of  life randomly coming into being out of nothing.

After engaging many atheists online and a few in person, I discovered that I would need to brush up on science if I were going to contend in the secular world as a credible  thinker.  I can’t rely solely on what the Bible says, (though I do believe that I must know Scripture and what it says, because it informs me through God’s revelation in Scripture) but must also rely on scientific knowledge, and current scientific discoveries, issues, and problems.

This is partly why I am so excited about this class!  This is already an area that I am engaged in during my free time, and to be able to do so for school and get credit for it is just absolutely exciting to me!

My current desire for this blog is that it continue in this Apologetic thread, and I hope that one day it may even spawn some serious discussion and debate right here!  I plan on attempting to keep writing regularly, because I know it is no fun reading a blog that publishes a few things sporadically here and there, and I know it is frustrating to wait almost a month between blog posts.

If you, the reader, keep coming here, I plan on continuing to blog about and discuss all things apologetic, scientific, and any other topics/things you want to hear discussed.  just let me know in a comment what you think, and I will continue to think about and discuss whatever and wherever the conversation leads.

in the next few days I plan to articulate a few thoughts I have been having recently about problems I see with the theory of macro-evolution.  Keep checking back!

In search of Truth,



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