Married Life/How I met my wife

I was just reminded by my wife that we have now been married for one month.  Wow, in some respects, it doesn’t seem like it has been that long, and yet at the same time, it seems like we have been together much longer than that.

I don’t really know what it is like for others, but I suspect that our marriage is not (and will not be) your typical marriage.  For one thing, Sarah and I didn’t fall in love the way it seems most other couples do.  Most couples seem to have some cutesy story about how they fell in love and how it was love at first sight.  We first met while working as delivery drivers at Tobin’s Pizza in Bloomington IL (Phenomenal Pizza btw, if you are ever in Bloomington, order a Family sized pizza and get a small for only a dollar more).  It wasn’t until two years later, after having gone our own separate ways, that we reconnected and started hanging out again.  We didn’t start out dating right away, but we eventually got around to it.

At the time, neither of us proclaimed to be Christians.  I was an alcoholic at the time, and we both smoked (more than) our  fair share of pot.  After dating for a few months, I had a terrible, rotten, no good, very bad weekend, and Sarah helped me make it through.  During this weekend, I lost my job, my car quit on me, My best friend at the time and I got into a big fight and he moved out the very same night, and the cherry on this shit sundae is the fact that the apartment above mine flooded for several hours while they partied at the club and while I was at Sarah’s, flooding so badly that it soaked through their floor (my ceiling), soaking and flooding a large portion of my one bedroom apartment, which was already located on the crappy side of town.

Through this whole weekend Sarah stuck by me and supported me.  The following weekend, I had an epiphany, and realized the meaninglessness of the life I had been living, and how utterly pointless my existence had been.  That weekend I surrendered and submitted my life to Jesus Christ.  It was shortly after announcing this to my then girlfriend, now wife Sarah, that I announced to her that she was going to be a part of my life for a very long time.  There were times after this when I had doubted the veracity of that statement, but I now know how very true it was.  We have had rough patches in our relationship, but I now know that Sarah is the woman I want to spend the rest of my life with, and a month ago we both professed that belief publicly, on the day of our wedding.

We had some rough patches, dating, then breaking up, only to begin dating again either a few weeks, or a few months later.  Every time we would break up, one or both of us thought it was the last time, but after an indeterminate period of time, we would always begin to date again.  We were hooked on each other, and it seems to me as if we were meant to be together.  Yeah, yeah, it sounds cliche and corny, but the truth is, every time I would be done with the relationship, truly believing that Sarah and I were finished, yet there was always something I couldn’t let go of.  Sometimes,  I wonder if God wasn’t just intervening in the events of our lives, because I couldn’t even explain to you how it was we came back together some of those times.

Looking back, I am grateful that we never departed for good, because I don’t think I could spend the rest of my life with any woman other than Sarah.  She is by far the funniest woman I know, She is beautiful, loving, caring, and compassionate.  She has a passion for what she does, and when she is your friend, she is one of the best people to have around.  She is loyal to her friends and family, and I am a very lucky man to (still) have her in my life.

So here is to you Sarah Jean Brent, (well, it was Zimmerman, but hey things change!) the best woman I know.  I love you so much baby.

Derek J. Brent


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